Finding Financial Aid For Grandparents Raising Grandchildren

Grandparents Raising Grandchildren

Places to find financial help for grandparent raising grandchildren is what we will be learning about today. When you are a person of retirement age and for whatever reason you have been put in a position to raise your grandchildren it can be a life changing event. Being a grandparent doesn’t carry the same responsibility as being a parent to these children. Being a parent at 60 just isn’t as easy as it was at 30. You will have to rearrange a lot of areas of your life and once again you carry the responsibilities of knowing children are taken care of.

I am not currently raising my grandchildren but have in the past and even if you think you make good money nothing prepares you for the expenses of daycare,cloths and medical care. I was new to this a few years back and just sucked it up as best I could and with help from my other children we keep a safe place for my grandchildren and meet their needs but when daycare alone was $175 a week it can make you wonder how you can pay this.

We did contact places for help and they said we made too much money to qualify but what seems so funny to me is that if the children had of went into foster care everything would have been paid for by the state plus someone would have gotten paid to provide a home for them in a strange place but what grandparent is going to let that happen if they can give them a place to live where people love them. I have been doing some research and I am going to list a place for grandparents raising grandchildren to seek financial help.

  • Non-Parent Caregiver Grant
  • This program looks the most helpful to me but I have not personally used it but guidelines to the program seem to favor helping grandparents or other family members with financial help to raise these misplaced children.the program should be checked on through your state and local government. What I have read says that the grant can provide up to $400 for the first child and $125 for each additional child but can vary.

  • Eligibility is the key to this program
    1. Child’s income only (not the caregivers income)
    2. Guardianship or legal custody is not required
    3. As the caregiver you must be caring for a child full-time without a parent in the home
  • Some programs go off of your income and even though you don’t make even money to raise more children you will be denied but the Non-Parent Caregiver Grant goes by these.

    The number to reach the program is 1-877-KinInfo or 1-877-454-6463 or visit this website at

I hope this information has been helpful and I plan on doing more extensive research about financial help for grandparents raising grandchildren and eventually hope to explore this subject for each state. If you would like to put in a request for your state I will try to move it to the front.

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